About Broadsword™

We embrace our core values at Broadsword™. Our core values guide and frame our choices, improve our culture and help us to focus on our products and communities. These aren't fancy corporate mantras that nobody knows or follows. These values are core to our primary focus - create great games with passionate communities.


We believe in quality in our games, quality in our workplace and quality in our talent. We spend the time and resources to ensure every addition to our products is polished, tested, iterated and smoothly launched to our community. We won't rush out changes and definitely won't release something that hasn't been iterated with our community beforehand. We've invested in a great office with plenty of open space in a great town filled with history, parks, eateries and pubs. We're not in a huge, faceless building surrounded by government contractors lacking character and soul. We only hire the best talent with a passion for our products and our communities.


We are transparent internally and externally about our games. We strive for smooth communication with our communities about events, changes, tweaks, additions, and improvements to our products. We'll always err on the side of more versus less. We're also transparent internally and share our metrics, analytics, financials, feedback and roadmaps with everyone in the company to foster collaboration in our decision making.


We believe in doing fewer things better. We'll add more resources to a product to make it better before we do more products. We won't stretch ourselves too thin. We'll stick to our experience and strengths with incremental innovation in our games.

Our Key Ingredients